The shiny long-lashed cages of your eyes 

squinted to shut just enough of the light out. 


Your lips read “FREE EARL”

from letters angsty-ly scrawled 10 feet tall.


I did not need to turn and see 

the man-made walls

around us I 


see what you are seeing;


you said he was put away for making loudmouthed music.


I didn’t know who Earl was but

I knew if he had fans who

walked the same cement streams as we 

then, he deserved to be free. 


For my love for you

If and when I die, it’s because 

I knew too much.

Don’t ever be sad for it,

for I understood it all

If and when they come for me

I won’t surrender but I will go

because I understand I and we 

will all begin again

It is not a fresh start 

as much as a vigorous continue 

as is with all

with substance and richness

of every color and sound

of the spectrum, I will

dive into the deepness 

and rampantly renew 

Higher Education

This is surely where you’ll die.

Every face you never wanted to see again

just showed up at your door.

And every spider strangling in its web

just waved a spry spindle leg as if to say,


Hello, welcome to everything you never wanted.

There are children playing out in the garden

and none of them will ever amount to anything.

Here most everyone loses all and everything

Like lifeboats hanging from strings,


They’re built to last

but I bet you they’ll never touch the water.

Nobody is here to help you.

There are hard working men

with only plastic for eyes

and all the walls you run into

will be daunting in size.


And just when you think you’ve gotten close

To where you’ve always wanted to be 

you’ll look beside yourself and realize  

all the wildlife are trying to fly with tattered tar wings.


Why, just up the hill

in a grassy plain picture 

they’re raising creatures

just to murder.

And the sound all these creatures make

when their hides hit metal reminds you that, after all

we’re really just bones that sometimes attach to one another.


The worst part is

you can cry,

oh you can cry!

Oh we’ve all tried

but you’ll never cry an ocean high enough

for any lifeboat to float on.


(Plus even if you ever got to leave what would you feed to that menace of a machine that only eats green?)

Now find your way out. 


I like making out with you in nature

because it reminds me of how much bigger you and I are

than anything else


Like all the ants and grass blades

don’t even know what love is 


and the sun probably wasn’t even aware

it could shine

until we were here to let it

wrap its rays around

our arms 


Craigslist Compilation

A collage of ads I found on Craigslist: 

I am looking for barbless wire and fence posts,

Trying to stay within.

Hoping to find decent

old framed windows that are otherwise going to be trashed

I have recently gone through a separation and am searching for a couch

I cant afford to buy brand new clothes and my son is in desperate need

My son is in search of butterflies and moths

He has been trying to catch them for weeks now where we live

with no luck.

If you have any butterflies or moths that you can catch and put in a jar for him, he would greatly appreciate any help he could get.

It happened 3 times today.

a group of kids were standing in the middle of the street

some badass gangbangers or something

tires screeched and they looked to see what was happenin

Not sure what your story is,  but

i just pray that someday

in the near future

people like you are held accountable for what you do to this great nation of ours



when I find myself in very public places

like shopping malls or drug stores or racquetball courts

(mostly anywhere involving bright lights and white walls)

I feel the sudden need

to scream at the top of my lungs

that nowhere feels like home anymore

not even standing next to you.